Here are (some) of some features that will be in next Jet3D release:


+Export/Import function:
Save a set of brushes as a prefab (*.j3p)
Import / merge with another map. Details:

+Texture locking - Textures lock on brushes faces.
+Multiple drag and drop of GROUP objects in list.
+New group list icons for light, brushes, etc.

++ Actors and Terrain Object Added to VIS Calcs.
For terrain, this means you can enter a very large building and block out all of the performance dragging rendering from the terrain.

++ 3dmax v6.x and v7.x exporter plugins.
Supporting Weighted vertices (Supported only by Jet3d)

In progress- (partial list)

 projected: completed by next release:

++ *.J3d saved World levels: (almost completed)
Will not contain textures anymore, which removes a number of related bugs
prepares jet3d to call at some point all of it's media resource from a...
+ PAK (*.jetpak) file, or optionally from the resident global materials directory.
So a utility file paker and this implemented feature should be in next release. Sounds, textures, and other media would at some point be 'zipped' there in....

More DX9 enhancements (and needed fixes)
Hardware T&L, hardware lights said to replace lightmaps
Shaders: Material editor interface slated for JDesigner. But we will see +'multi-texturing' (layers)out of the gate first. Bump mapping, per-pixel lighting all follow T&L hardware lights.

Actor LOD. (near completion)
StaticMeshes: (dubbed 'JetMeshes' as of this post almost completed)


Likely you will also see a feature for low level fog, later to be replaced by D3D fog/Haze. The Muti-texture/Shaders, with give the 'color key' textures, using shaders or an alpha channel with a layer for grates, and sprites.









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