Special: Sprites from SPOUT object 
(Necessity is in fact the mother of invention.)

In this 'crash course' example, we used spout particles to create what we 
know as "sprites', which are Detail Objects (looking 3D)That are 2D dimensional
To read more about Spout Objects Go HERE


Example:   Flickering computer display

1) Add 'Spout' Object'

2) Click Animate to view.

2) Example:   Flickering computer display
Refer to settings below:

(above image: Necropolis's 'Menu' Level)

This is mainly a matter of settings, use the above settings. 
Adjust "Rate" to set the flick.

ScaleL & ScaleH for this needs to be the same. 
This can be used to Scale the size of the sprite.

Sprites always face the active camera (player view). 
Move the camera and note how the Sprite roatates to face you.
Sometimes this doesn't play very well.
Currently there is not option to stop this.


I had to change the ScaleL& ScaleH settings to accommodate the 4 times larger bitmaps.
I, of course, also adjusted the Rate lower to reduce flashing or flickering. 

Keep in mind how alpha maps work.
Using the same bitmap in this case for a monitor screen with transparency. 
If you want it solid.

I all honesty, it would be good to Do this sort of thing on a flat 'empty' brush 
or actor sheet-box. Using color-key transparency.

 -Ken Deel