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The Art Of Computer Game Design - The entire text to Chris Crawford's well done, although a bit dated, text on designing computer games is now available online. (1264 hits) 

The Art of Puzzle Game Design - These are the meeting notes from the yearly talks Scott Kim gives at the GDC on designing puzzle games. Several links to more on this topic is there as well.

Articles by Ken Deel of OtherWorlds Digital Media

1-27-05 Horror Game Design 101
What can make your game effectively scary? Frightening?

the facts for team leaders and team developers who are trying to make it.

XBOX™ developer starter Info 
Are you thinking about becoming an Xbox developer?
Get some basic info on that

Game design strategies
What makes a good game design? Some getting started tips as well...
Read what it he has to say.

The elements of a good Action game. (part one)

Elemenets of a good action game (part two) -(Incomplete)

Team Leaders: Every ship needs a captain

- Ken Deel (OtherWorlds InterActive & Paul Steed (Id software)

Getting and keeping your game development team together

Writing A Business Plan For Independent Gaming Ventures

When Game Companies 'fail': The Demise Of Crack Dot Com
Learn from their mistakes in business

The Key to Completing Your Games: Motivation Geoff Howland

Getting Started in the Games Industry Geoff Howland

The Getting Started Guide to Game Development by Ben Sawyer
Top Ten Design Sins 
by Jim Cooper

The Wonderful Power of Storytelling by Bruce Sterling


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^^ More game development tutorials & resources here ! 

http://www.gentex3d.freeuk.com - Go here for somwe free textures! NEW!
PlanetQuake -lots of good modeling, level building hints.
3d Cafe  textures & models.
David Dougher's Genesis Game Page -want to learn Genesis game programming?
Paul's Ack Page -by Paul Keefe, try his Photoshop wall lighting technique.
Contaminated.net -Get the Half-Life Modeling SDK (12MB) here free. Very enlightening; uses Max and Character Studio.

ROC home page / ROC Dojo -Tutorials, news, about Boston University's Computer Whizzes SDK using Genesis3d (download 3.7MB).
Klaus Zerbe's Hoopla Cave - Get the Lightweight Framework for Genesis 3d (very good docs), also TrueGene, converts Truespace to Genesis .act.
Kay Bowling's Essential Images -This is a collection of photos.
Genesis Open Projects - ROC = free!
Charles Bloom's Genesis Page -Former Eclipse; now with Wild Tangent. Check here for tools, examples, code etc. from one of the develoeprs of the original Genesis3D engine.
Loonygames - A game magazine, search the archives for ANYTHING by Paul Steed, the Id 
3ds Max Modeler, he's the best!
International Game Developers Network
Povray Texture Library


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