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If you want to contribute to the Jet3D engine, read the-
 Suggested Jet3d Engine Projects List

New! (12-20-04) UNHOLY - H0RR0RX JET3D Code:
License is for use ONLY for the enhancement and usage 
for the Jet3D open source project. 

.3ds IMPORT - implementation of a 3ds mesh import through the jet3d editor.
Actor LOD - source code and Deep discussion on how to use Actor LOD

PAK utils: I think these were made for another engine (P0WER RENDER or LITHTECH maybe)
 But maybe should still provide useful for Jet3d:

TheUnholy_PAKWriter.zip - included EXE

The Unholy PAK.zip


More posted soon...

Jet3D required tools:
Jet3d has been re-written using the Directx 9 libraries.
The Intel C++ compiler is no longer compatible or needed, as well as the tools such as MASM..

Use the 'free' Visual C++ 2003 Toolkit - download HERE
If you are put off by command line win32 apps like the above Better to get  
MS VC++ 2003 express HERE (free)

Commercial compilers:  Visual C++ Studio v6.0 or higher. Which can often be found for $25.00 (Latest version .Net MS Visual Studio 2003)

DirectX 9.0 - you'll need at least the drivers updated to DXv9.0 to run the editor.
Currently jet3d is converting entirely to DX9, 
so get the latest DX9 SDK at Micros0ft.com
Alt example:
http://raider.dnsalias.com:8001/doom/wads/dx9sdkcp.exe  (97megs)    
Google search dx9sdkcp.exe if this link is broken

JetScript - customized for Jet3d function calls. Java script will be the main style of language for the scripting system.
Get familiar with Javascript to better help you soon write jetscripts.

C++ tutorials:

Programming Specific:

NEW "C"Tutorial beginning to intermediate.
A very good huge tutorial on C example files etc. can be downloaded also!
Source code for tutoial >>here<<

NEW "C++" Tutorial After the C tutorial time for C++ This one is a larger tutorial also.

C++ annotations

C++ Object Oriented Programming -An introduction

Beginning C/C++ tutorial -online - NCSU online tutorial

Download "learn C
A very good, working  interactive DOS program that can help you to get started in "C" programming and more.


Other game Source CODES:

Unreal Public C++ Headers & Source, Version 224v

Quake2 Source code

NEW! Quake 1 full source code! - This is ALL of the source code for Quake1! Download

Quake DeveLS Offline Tutorials These tutorials are on creating and modify Quake 2 weapons in "C".
They of course won't be directly useable with Genesis3D/ Jet3D, however they are a good example code and can be a great guide as to how this coding is done. Learn from some of the best...
Quake2 'C' files - (weapons, enemies, etc)you'll need to study this since the above files (Quake DevelS), are add on mods to the files, mainly the "weapons.c" fil contained in this ZIP file. Would help to have Quake2 to get a feel for the original weapons too.

Decent 1.0 Source code

Also online Duke Nukem 3D Source code
Shadow Warrior and other milestone 3DRealms titles. See their downloads page: http://www.3drealms.com 

BSP2T3D - As with QMAPEXP and others, this utility doesn't do it all that easy, there seems to be many restrictions. This is suppose to Convert Quake 2 maps to Unreal Maps. <The source code is included> I posted it in thought that maybe one of you programming Guru's out there can use it as a guideline to make a G3D 1.0 -> 2.0 converter
or a .bsp import function.

Someone could get better results from an Unreal -2- Jet3D converter since they share the same 'style' of CSG subtractive world construction and portal style rendering.

Moonbase Game Programming Resources (link)

3D Graphics programming:

3D Programming: An Explanation of the Basics as Well as Some Advanced Techniques -- With Examples -- in the BASIC Programming Language
by Matt Bross

Entering the 3rd Dimension -
An inro to 3D programming
by Jeff Weeks

3D coding math tutorial - pretty good stuff maynard!

Graphics Programming: 3D Basics and Vector Operations - excited about using a 3D graphics engine, where do we start? Well, the first thing that we need is to be able to position our objects in the virtual world. If we don't know where things are, we will not be able to draw them. We will use the Cartesian coordinate system to describe positions in space...

3D programming guide - by Ignacio Castano Aguado

Programming 3D Graphics - Copyright ©1997 Robert Norris

Download Zed3D v0.95b (681K). Zed3D is something Sébastien Loisel wrote a while ago. He stopped working on it two years ago. It has its bugs, but many feel it's one of the only online textbooks about introductory and intermediate computer graphics.

Windows 3D programming - A facts tutorial on that very subject

3D Graphics Book List - looking for a related book, a good list is here!

The Basics Of 3D Programming - Marcus Bergstrom
This is a document covering the basics of 3D programming. The document should be seen as a
tutor in both 3D mathematics and 3D programming for beginners. Trying to dig deep in formulas
and such so that it will be easy to understand. Some mathematical experience is needed though,
as covering everything within vector mathematics is beyond the scope of this document.
At least for the moment.

3D engine programming basics- Try downloading a game he wrote and try it out jump.zip .
He's writing it in Turbo C and it´s 16 bit.

The Game Programmers MegaSite - the name almost fits : ) Beginning to advanced 3d rogramming and much more.

The game programmers Encylopedia - The name is bigger than the file but this is handy. This file is in .hlp (help file) format.

Programming Optimization
by Paul Hsieh

80x86 Optimizations
by Michael Abrash

Character Artificial Intelligence:


GameDEV.Net's Massive A.I. articles list - check it out!

Steve M. Woodcock: 'THE' Game A.I Guru's pages - Website/ lots here, including tutorials. Steve also writes for "Game developer" magazine on occassion. This is Artificial Intelligence taken seriously...

Artificial Intelligence AI mining corp. has a huge gateway page to all the stuff you may wanna know about artificial intelligence. Here is the list:

Agent Software
Artificial Life
Cellular Automata
Cognitive Science
Data Mining
Decision Support
Expert Systems
Fuzzy Logic
Game AI
Genetic Algorithms
Intelligent Agents
Knowledge Mgmt
Lists & Newsgroups
Machine Learning
Mobile Agents
Natural Language
Neural Networks
Robot Builders
Smart Interfaces


Programmers Lair - Website/ Find a ton of game programming stuff here!

3DFX Programming specific:

Glide 3 SDK
Download Page

The Black Art of 3DFX Programming

3DFX Programming Secrets

New!3D Coding Workshop - 3Dfx Programming


DIRECT X specific:

DirectX 9.0   dx7sdk-700.1.exe
DirectX 7.0 SDK: google search for dx7sdk-700.1.exe if you have to have it.
DirectX 7.0 (93 Megs) offline
DierctX 7.0 (122 Megs) offline

DirectX 6.1 SDK:   DirectX 6.1 SDK Image (71 megs)

D3D linear fogging D3DDrv.dll + sources (code by Jeff K)

What is DirectX?
by Dan Edwards and Adam Perer

Stopping Pesky Screen Savers
by Dan Edwards

Using the MMX Drivers
by James Bowman

15 Ways to do Faster Blits
by David Berube

Basics of DirectDraw Game Programming
by Doug Klopfenstein

Direct Draw Programming Tutorial
by Lar Mader









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