Jet3D - JDesigner3D - IMPORT/EXPORT feature

(Feature not yet released, not available in v2.1.1)

How to use Krouer's new Export/Import feature in JDesigner3D


Before we export our set of brushes, we need to first define this specific set, 
or GROUP of these brushes. This way we can pick out certain ones, 
define as a named group, then export.

So we want to create a GROUP first:


(above) We click on ADD GROUP.

Name the Newly created group. If you are doing this to only export, the name does not matter 
in this case. You will be renaming the GROUP name of these on Import anyway.
I chose the name 'Crates' as you see the new group name shows at the top of the 
list as shown below left image.


Select your brushes to group, if you carefully named each brush upon creation you can
 more easy select from the list. Use [CTRL] key (hold down) 
to select multiple names in the list. Same applies to using the 2D viewports, selecting the geometry from the view port this way or a simple left mouse click and drag an bounding box to draw a selection 
around a set of brushes. Don't worry about lights and other objects ending up in the group. 
They will be remove on the export save.

(Left)-Drag-n-drop in action (Right) Result with brushes moved into group

Left click on any of the select boxes in the list and hold to do a drag and drop 
into the new group you created.
You just had basically a lesson in using the GROUP list feature in JDesigner...

finally the EXPORT!

Right click on Group to be exported as a prefab, or as it is selected (highlighted in blue)
You may also choose to export from the FILE->Export menu as shown below

Result is the same dialog to save the Exported group as a *.J3p file (Jet3D prefab)

I created a Folder in the Jet3D/bin directory called Prefab3, 
but you can use the default directory "Prefabs".


You can import your saved brushes into any NEW map or saved map you have open.
Again from the Group' tab this is done.


Import from right click - menu in Group list (Above left) -or- FILE->Import (above Right)

Name the group:

This is necessary because if you use the same prefab more than once you don't 
want to have it under the same group name.
Try to take advantage of this, go with crate1, crate2, crate3, etc. for example, 
If importing the same crate more than once.

Nice thing about this group method, unlike some other Editors, you can select the group
 folder and have all selected to more easily move to where you want it.


  • Prefabs do well indoors, but as we moved to saved prefab Static Meshes, 
    these will also serve well for outdoors.
  • SKYboxes are best saved as a prefab. Though you will have to place the Portal cam in again. 
    The hard work is already done in the textures alignment. 
    You can easy apply different texture at that point and save different skies 
    in different Skybox prefabs.
  •  Textures are not stored in the prefab files, 
    If it does not find your assigned texture in the global materials directory, 
    JETPAK resource file there in. It will use the jet3d.bmp textures by default.

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