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JDesigner3D  Jet3D level Contruction. 

Part of the 'Jet Master™ Video Learning Series from OtherWorlds Digital Media
(Look soon for hard-copy print lessons in a book series called "Jet3D Crash-Course™", and other Game Dev. Tutorials.)

If you have seen the TV commercials for VIDEO PROFESSOR, these tutorials are similar in
that they are also Tutorial movies that you can play on your PC. 
A real-time recording of the step-by step processes, with a vocal narration.

It is just like having the instructor right there with you.

The Tutorials show JDesigner3D for Jet3D v2.1.1, which is included on the CD

Actor studio and actor viewer how to use. Plus: Creating Transparent area in textures.

Over 800 Megs of Tutorial videos Using Mpeg-4 compression Windows AVI files.
About two hours running time.
(Required codecs and player included on CD if needed)

      Contents of CD:

            1)  Intro to JDesigner3D, a run down of the features, menu items, etc.

2)     Navigation in JDesigner3D

3)     Brush Manipulation: Resize, shear, vertex edit, Select.

4)   Terrain - creation, texturing and tips

5)     First Room Create and texture a simple room. Ready to compile and run.

6)   Skyboxes, Portals, Mirrors

7)     Actor Studio: Loading files, compiling actors and actor previewing.

8)     Texturing Tips- Texture list, properties, application, recommended sizes.

9)     Add an Actor object to your First room-Add a non-animated object (*.ACT model)

10)  Lights. - a dynamic light, lighting effects, colors etc

11)  Particles (Spout object) - Smoke, water, sparks, water dripping ceiling. Demonstrated.

12)  Adding more rooms - pro construction tips, etc.

13)  PATH OBJECT - Spider  is animated to walk across floor using pathobject.

14)  Grouping brushes. Categorizing, organizing, hide and show, selecting brushes using the groups function.

15)  Optimizing using VIS PORTALS

16)  Bonus: Actor Compiling 3D models. What to do with exported *.NFO and *.key files, compiling the actor in actor studio

      17) Bonus: Transparency Textures in Photoshop 5 and up.- Reality Factory transparency setting and conversion from the older G3D style using Adobe Photoshop 

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