Newbies guide to USING JET3D as an ACTOR VIEWER:

1. Drop you actor file into the “Jet3d/bin/actors” folder.
2. Open Jet3D, Editor 'Jdesigner3D' in this tutorial
3. Zoom: “+” “-“ keys or <spacebar>&<right mouse button> pan or scroll: <spacebar>&<left mouse button>
4. At the top of the program window, scroll down and select "actor" in the "object" pull down menu next to the object button.

5. Click on the object button, now when you run your mouse over the “top viewport” you’ll see a “box” 
where the mouse cursor would be. Click on center of  map cube in the top view.

6. Check all views to make sure your create red box is centered. Left click when the moving arrows cursor show over the 
actor object (red “X” box) shows.

7. On your right in the properties box, see where it says "Actor"? 
Select your actor file from the drop down list. 
The actor shows now in the 3D viewport.

7b) If your actor is to large it is easy to adjust using SCALE. Higher number = larger actor

8. Next, see where it says "motion" choose the playback motion you want to view in this 3d view in the jet3d editor.
(Of course this doesn't apply to Actors with no animations.)

9. Click on the "animate" button at top of the editor. You can switch the animation son the fly by selecting them from the pull down menu.

10. The actor is in a animated form, you should be able to center the red X in the 2D viewports to manipulate the actor position into the light better, 
or right click on the 3d window and select: "textured", for a default lighting. 

I was able to add a spider, and make it walk across the floor using pathobject. (another tutorial)
11. You can always resize the box to better fit the actor or resize the actor itself. See the documentation 
for the specific functions on the "other" properties in the right hand side properties box

12. You can SAVE the level, and simply this saved level up, and select a different actor from the list starting with step #7 in this tutorial.
I provided a download here with this already set. HERE


(c) 2005 -Ken Deel /Otherworlds