As you might have noticed, there is a Development 
Team forum on 
That is there because I have assembled a small contingent of 
developers to convert Jet3D to C++ and enhance it. 

We are looking for more help. Here is what we need:

You must be able to work in a team based environment. 
We have a very well versed team and we make no decisions 
without the rest of the group being in agreement.

1. Tools Programmer - Must be familiar with MFC and 
Windows Programming. 
You will be responsible for modifying and enhancing the existing 
toolset and/or make new tools. 
You will be working with a designer and one programmer.

2. Engine Programmer - Must be familiar with 3D 
engine design and programming.

3. Shader Programmer - Must know Cg and be able 
to create original shaders.

These positions are all voluntary and will have NO pay 
associated with them. I will, however, 
add you to any credits for the engine and be a reference 
for you so that you can put it on your resume.

--Paradoxnj - Jet3D WebMaster 

~\============== (o) ================\~


NIZED development team:

1. A comprehensive development plan. This includes team 
members, who will be working on what, 
and what you are planning to fix/implement.

2. Bugs in the engine MUST be fixed first before 
implementing anything new. 
Only the bugs that are known pertain to this.

3. Communication - A way for me to get in touch with all 
development team members.

4. Steady CVS updates. I'm not looking for every day or 
even every week for that matter. 
At least once a month is good enough.

5. You must document your code CLEARLY and accurately
I'm not expecting for anyone to 
document the existing code 
(although that would be VERY helpful).

6. You must enhance/fix JStudio3D. (level editor) 
No other version will be accepted.

7. Workspaces must be able to be worked on using 
VS.NET 2003

8. You must have a SourceForge account (free). 
SourceForge will be used for the code repository.
Source Forge access is subject to approval by Project Leader.

9. You must use  Visual Studio .NET  2003


the  Visual C++ Toolkit (MS's free compiler).
-Get the 'free' compiler - MS Visual C++ Toolkit HERE  

10. All code must be commented thoroughly. 
I don't want the mess that we have now. 
Comments must include the date the change was made, 
your REAL name, and a description of the change.

11. You must include detailed instructions on how to 
add your code to the downloadable version of the engine (JStudio3D).

When your addition is stable, Project Lead "Paradoxnj" 
 will add the code into CVS.
He will also make a binary distribution using 
InstallShield to release to the public, 
and will make a new release of the Jet3D engine 1 month 
after I receive an added feature from the list above.
 This gives time for other features to come in and be
 included with the release.

Submit your name and what you would like to work on to  
He will update this post and add your name next to what 
you are working on on

Any questions, feel free to post them in the programming forum at