Actor Workbench Application to be an 'All-in-one', basically replacing Actor Studio, actor builder, and becoming an Actor Viewer, actor painter, and Actor converter. 

Here is a list of some of the features slated for this new utility.

+ Import formats directory from Milkshape3D, Blender3D, OpenFX (softFX), Maya, 3Dsmax and others.
+ Preview animation blends.
+ Compile NFO/BDY, KEY/MOT files.
+ Change Materials on the fly and replace them.
+ Decompile
+ Convert Genesis3D Actors to Jet3D format.
+ Conversion for MDL, MD2, MD3, etc. to Actor format (static Actors)
+ More

Actor Workbench is slated for A Summer 2006 release with Jet3D v3.0

New! 3ds max 6 & 7 plugins!

3dsmax 6.0
3dsmax 7.x

MAX Plugs-ins: (Requires Character Studio)
3dsmax 2.0
3dsmax 2.5

3dsmax 3.0

3dsmax 3.1

3dsmax 4.x
3dsmax 5.x

3DSMAX 4.x an up model Exporter (and gmax 1.x)
A recompile of the G3D NFO/KEY exporter source code,
 using the max 4 SDK should work in Max 5 as well. 
(Max 5 is backwards compatible with 4.x plug-ins. 
Note also this one is for modelers choosing to NOT use character studio)

Get it HERE


Newbies guide to USING JET3D as an ACTOR VIEWER: HERE

NEWS! 1-7-05
Actor studio now has no texture size limitations! 

Now you can refer to Genesis3D/Reality factory Actor Studio 
tutorials for direct export from 3dsmax to Actor Studio 
using the 3DSMAX plugins:
Exporting from Max & using Actor Studio

The HalfLife 1 full SDK has a complete set of 3dsmax format characters with 
bit maps and biped~ physiqued characters. (HalfLife 2 uses SoftImage XSI, 
not compatible with what we use)
You could export these almost seamlessly to Jet3D. (but not for commercial use)
Do a or FTP search for the file name if link is broken:   


Tutorials : Terry Morgen: -(637K) Making a cube actor in Max 3d, loading into Astudio, 
putting it in your game. Requires Max 2.5 and CharacterStudio 2. (1.03MB)--How to build, texturemap, and animate a 
humanoid actor, then export to Genesis3d. Requires store-bought Max 2.5 and Char Studio 2. (80K)-the actor created with '' above.

treetut.exe (353K)-Self-extracting zip file, How to make a non-moving tree 
actor using Max 3d and Nendo. Nendo is optional...No more transparent
leaf brushes!

Exporting from Max & using Actor Studio - Jean Louis'

General Modeling

Character Face texture creation:  By Munin

2d to 3d Digital Artwork Tips - PSIONIC
2D to 3D - This is a small tut that shows how I create a 2d drawing 
and use it as the basis for creating a 3d model, which is then imported back
 into PS and heavily worked over and a background added

Head modeling tutorial - by The Renegade Artist
Shows how to model a head in 3D studio Max R2

Character Face texture creation:  By Munin -(478K) Vertex/face/edge modeling in 3ds Max and Nendo. 
You need Max (or a vertex/face/edge level modeler) and Nendo. -(352K) Painting in 4d paint, and Nendo,  getting per-face mapping coordinates from Nendo, multi-sub object mapping in 3ds Max. (169K)-Notes on how half life does the 'gun in the viewport' thing, how they texture map actors, etc. -(549K) -Modeling  a cat from the ground up in Max. Uses spline outlines, cylinder vertex scale, move -(234K)-Texturing the cat with object detaching/laying parts out flat, then morphing to a 'together' clone.

SOulBoX Tutorials On general Modeling (Using MilkShape3d shareware):